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Fuck You

my heart shatters everytime you walk out the door
just a simple girl tryin' to find herself in this world.

98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot.
If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this in your info.

Click the link below.. Everyday to feed a needy animal, it's FREE!


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Memorial done by my bestest friend in the whole world shewasthesun

My heart belongs to Thomas Ryan Leggett.

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my pet!

Alyssa is love

Rose is love

Holly is love

Shannen is love

Charmed is love

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The Notebook is eternal love.

by this_is_fucked

The Notebook is the ultimate love.

by this_is_fucked

* Color bars by this_is_fucked =]

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Tribute to a Hero:

On November 14th, 2004, our country, our state, our town, our school, and our earth, lost a very special person. An exceptional young man of only 20, by the name of Brad Arms, who was killed in the Battle of Fallujah, Iraq by an Iraqi sniper. He went into the Marines, knowing full well that we were going into Iraq, but he did it for God, for his country, and for his people.. EVERY DAY, someone looses a father, an uncle, a mother, a brother, a son, or a daughter, to this TERRIBLE war over in the Middle East. Some us are over here in America eating wonderful food, being educated by fine schools, and living in beautiful houses, while a group of soldiers, not much older than our very own brothers and sisters, are off fighting and dying so that we can have what we have. So, I ask you this, DO EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN TO ADVOCATE THE WAR..whether it means Buying "Support Our Troops" yellow bumper stickers, or Livestrong camo bracelets, or putting together a fund-raiser for the army, or even going so far, as to adopt a soldier at www.adoptasolider.com, whatever you decide to do.. Please Do SOMETHING. And if you can not find it in your hearts to contribute THAT way, at least have the decency to be polite and respectful. DON'T let me see you posting "I hate Bush" and "We should have never gone into Iraq" shit on LJ. That stuff just pisses me off. If it was your loved one dying, for a noble cause such as this, you would feel the same way. Take Care, and God Bless the USA! <3

Drunk Driving Kills:

Martha Elizabeth Jones was runover by a pickup truck on November 29th, 2004, while crawling from her wrecked car. She was 19, and had just graduated from highschool the year before.</3>

am 48.4%
You Beat Me?

i'm in gryffindor!

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I'm an Elite Fan!
You're a Disney Elite!
You're a true Disney fan.
You know all the details and you've
spent a lot of time obsessing over the
hidden mickeys in Walt's earliest films.
Yay for you. You're smart and you know
what's good in the world of Disney. Some
might call you obsessive, but we know better.
There are plenty of people like you in the world.
You just have to search them out.

What type of Disney Fan are you?
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